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Hands Off! And Other Secrets to Curly Hair

If you have naturally curly hair, chances are that you’ve gone through a series of love-hate relationships with your curls. Maybe it was the realization that round brushes and blunt bangs will likely never be a thing in your life. Or perhaps it was coming to terms with the fact that you think your ponytail looks more like a 19th-century magistrate’s wig than the perky piece of art your friends seem to create. Or maybe it was the struggle of having hair that never looks the same twice.



As you’ve grown older and wiser, however, you’ve probably learned to embrace your curls and appreciate them as unique, natural, and beautiful. By now you’ve also gone through the trial and error of figuring out which products and tactics best shape and showcase your beautiful curls.

Curls aren’t without work though. Too much product, too little product, the wrong product, etc., can derail an otherwise good hair day. So if you have naturally curly hair, follow these tips and tricks to keep those luscious locks healthy and happy.

Hands Off

Curls are surprisingly delicate, and friction with anything can cause them to lose their shape. Most women with curly hair know not to brush dry curls, but you might be doing just as much damage with your own two hands. Running your fingers through your hair, scrunching your hair, detangling your hair, etc., can cause friction and frizz and turn a potentially bouncy curl day into a bun day. Your best approach is to style your curls in the morning and then leave them alone for the rest of the day.

Your Towel Matters


Fight frizz by taking care of your curls the second you step out of the shower. A traditional cotton towel not only absorbs excess water, it pulls moisture and oil with it. So instead, wrap your hair in a soft microfiber towel that will absorb water while cutting down on frizz and friction.

Don’t Skimp on Hydration

Curls need moisture. And things like washing your hair too much, blow drying, or using curling irons can all deplete your hair’s natural moisture, leaving it limp, dry, and sad.In addition to avoiding all these drying processes, you should look for ways to replenish moisture, especially during the heat of the summer and the dry, icy winter.

Natural beauty products are a great way to add moisture without weighing your hair down (as to avoid every curly-haired girl’s nightmare, the dreaded “triangle”). Look for shampoos, conditioners, and styling products fortified with botanical extracts such as aloe leaf extract, vegetable glycerin, and various fruit extracts. And keep an eye out for other beneficial ingredients such as coconut and shea butter as well as nutrient-rich quinoa, all of which act as natural hydrators.

Also look for one of the best-kept secrets in the curly hair world: Ungurahua oil

Ungurahua oil, which is found in Rahua products, comes from the Oenocarpus bataua palm tree and is native to the tropical rain forests of Central and South America. It’s been harvested and used by indigenous populations for centuries for its moisturizing, antibacterial, and antimycotic properties. It’s also known to have powerful restorative properties to help strengthen and fortify hair while delivering moisture that curls love.

About Art of Pure

Art of Pure is a leading source for natural beauty and wellness products that leverage the power of botanical extracts. Art of Pure believes that natural is the best approach to self-care and carries 100% natural products from brands such as Maya Chia that are rigorously tested to ensure safety, potency, and effectiveness. Formulated with the power and potency of plants and minerals, Art of Pure offers high-performing products without artificial additives that are free of harmful ingredients.

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Why (And How) You Should Incorporate Ungurahua Oil into Your Daily Self-Care Routine

Hair care and skin care are important parts of any self-care routine, and people are willing to spend some serious money on quality products.


According to a recent market research report, the hair care industry in the United States is projected to grow by more than $13 billion by 2022, which includes products such as shampoo, conditioner, hair color, and hair treatments.


The skin care industry is on a similar trajectory and is expected to exceed $19.7 billion by 2024 in the United States alone, driven in part by consumer demand for organic products.



The market research report concludes, “the growing demand for natural and organic hair care products has encouraged manufacturers to introduce plant-extracted colors and this is expected to drive the market’s growth.”


One of the top trends in natural and organic hair care these days is Ungurahua oil, which is found in Rahua shampoos, conditioners, and other hair care products.


Ungurahua oil is known among researchers and natural skin and hair care enthusiasts to condition, strengthen, and fortify—but what is it exactly?


The Science of Ungurahua Oil


Ungurahua oil comes from the Ungurahua fruit that grows on the Oenocarpus bataua palm tree. This tree is native to the tropical rainforests of Central and South America and is commonly found in Peru, Brazil, and other areas throughout the Amazon Rainforest.


Indigenous populations have harvested and produced Ungurahui oil for centuries for cosmetic, medicinal, and nutritive purposes, including skin and hair treatments. The Ungurahua seed contains a high lipid content, which can help protect cellular membranes and also plays an important role in how the body stores energy. It is also rich in essential fatty acids, including oleic, palmitic, linoleic, myristic, and stearic fatty acids, and has potent antioxidant and antibacterial properties.


Ungurahua Oil in Hair and Skin Care


The oil is known in its region of origin for its multipurpose medicinal and dermatologic uses. Indigenous communities use it to treat hair conditions such as dandruff, while the cosmetic industry has adopted it for topical applications given its moisturizing, antibacterial, and antimycotic properties.


Dermal applications include skin rehydration and soothing, anti-inflammatory, and anti-aging, given the high concentration of vitamins E and A. It’s also used as one of several adaptogens to treat skin irritation and deliver immunological defense.

Incorporating Ungurahua Oil into Your Daily Routine


Fortunately, you don’t need to traverse the Amazon to find this potent oil. Instead, Art of Pure has curated a large collection of natural skin and hair care products that bring the botanical power of the Amazon to you.


Look for the Classic shampoo and conditioner to deliver a powerful blend of Ungurahua oil to your hair, leaving it stronger, healthier, and shinier. Ungurahua oil is available for your skin too. A restorative body lotion, for example, can restore skin’s dermal barrier and deliver a powerful blend of essential fatty acids, omega 3 and 9, and powerful antioxidants.


About Art of Pure


Art of Pure is a leading source of natural beauty products and wellness products, including natural skin care, hair care, and other mind-body products. Art of Pure offers high-performance brands from around the world and believes that natural is the best approach to self-care. The products they carry are 100% natural and are rigorously tested to ensure safety, potency, and effectiveness. Formulated with the power and potency of plants and minerals, Art of Pure offers high-performing products without artificial additives that are free of harmful ingredients.


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Ingredient Spotlight: Why You Should Choose Rose-Infused Products

Rose, in all its forms—from rose essential oil to rose petals, and from dried rose buds to rose hips—is a powerful ingredient in natural products that offers benefits from head to toe. Beyond having a delightful, luxurious scent, rose-infused products can provide immune support, hydrate your skin, and help soothe irritation. Furthermore, rose essential oil contains vitamin A, which is considered to be a natural form of retinol.



For Your Face


Rose is an ingredient that can do wonders for your face, whether it’s incorporated into a mask, serum, face oil, cleanser, or toner. This ingredient not only can add a delightful scent to products, but organic dried rose buds can also help exfoliate skin when used as an ingredient in a facial scrub. When featured in a face oil, rose oil and rosehip seed oil work to keep skin hydrated and radiant, and provide anti-aging benefits as it contains vitamin A, a natural form of retinol. Rose is also a favored ingredient in rose water sprays, and can be used to soothe irritation and provide moisture.


For Your Skin


Incorporate roses into your skin care routine by selecting products that contain this potent ingredient, such as body oil, serum, body butter, and bath salts. Known for their uber-moisturizing properties, a body butter with rose water will provide the hydration your skin needs with a luscious rose scent.When incorporated into bath salts, rose oil can provide relaxing properties and help restore the skin, while dried rose buds will help make your soak all the more luxurious.


For Your Body


Rose isn’t just a potent, effective ingredient for your face and skin, it can also provide powerful results for your overall body. Reap the benefits of this ingredient by choosing a product that has natural adaptogens, such as an herbal tea. Look for a tea that includes wild-harvested rose hip berries, which are an excellent source of vitamin C and also help provide immune support and anti-aging antioxidant benefits. A loose leaf tea blend that also incorporates mint leaves will help calm the stomach.


For Your Hair


Summer might be over, but you can still achieve loose, beachy waves by utilizing a sea salt spray. Seek one out that incorporates a natural, romantic rose scent by utilizing a potent and organic essential oil. Bonus points if you can find a hair spray that includes natural golden mica in order to give a golden shimmer to your locks, reminiscent of a sun-kissed glow.


To keep your hair healthy and remove these products once your day is done, look for a natural shampoo and conditioner from a trusted brand such as Rahua that will add hydration to your locks. A shampoo and conditioner that incorporates Ungurahua oil will help strengthen and fortify your hair while also regenerating hair follicles.


About Art of Pure


Art of Pure is a one-stop-shop for natural beauty products and more. They believe that natural is the best approach to self-care, which is why they research and rigorously test their products to ensure that they’re safe to use, potent, and effective. Art of Pure offers high-quality brands from around the world that you can trust to take care of your body, inside and out. 


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What Are the Best Brands for Adaptogens?

Adaptogens are becoming a popular buzzword in the wellness industry, particularly amongst those seeking more natural beauty products with cleaner ingredients. Whether you’re trying to introduce them into your daily diet, beauty routine, or wellness ritual, adaptogenic herbs have been used for centuries for a variety of health issues. But what are adaptogens? And what are the best brands that offer them?

A non-toxic plant that has been used to help the body resist a variety of stressors, adaptogens have been used in the past in Chinese and Ayurvedic healing rituals. Some are consumed like supplements, brewed like tea, or added to daily meals. Adaptogens have been used to help the body resist physical, chemical, and biological stress. While more research is needed, many find adaptogens helpful to train the body to handle the effects of bodily stress.


Adaptogenic herbs are having a revival in the wellness industry and are being cultivated for a variety of health issues. Long-term stress and anxiety, immune health, energy, and inflammation may all benefit from introducing these powerful herbs into your beauty and wellness routines.

Here are a few of the brands that carry the best adaptogens because of their ingredients and product creation processes:

Sun Potion

This wellness brand is dedicated to health, happiness, and well-being through potent plants and herbs. Sun Potion’s Ashwagandha adaptogenic herb supplement is 100% pure and organic with no additives or preservatives. It’s organically grown on farms in India and sourced through fair trade. This specific adaptogen, ashwagandha, can help your body resist the physical and mental effects of stress.

Get a natural energy boost without artificial stimulants with this powerful herb. It’s clinically shown to increase levels of superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant that helps with aging healthily. Fortify your body and mind with this Ayurvedic medicinal staple. Simply mix 2 grams into a warm drink or smoothie, and you’re good to go.

Moon Juice

Experience radiant beauty from the inside out with the Beauty Dust by Moon Juice. This brand is popular for their holistic nourishment and high-powered natural remedies. Their Beauty Dust is a nutrient-dense powder with a delicious taste that can be added to yogurt, smoothies, beverages, or your morning cereal. It includes pearl and Schisandra powder to contribute to your overall health and well-being, providing immunity support and powerful nutrients.

This 100% natural herbal supplement includes no chemical additives of any kind. This adaptogenic blend promotes collagen production, firms skin tissue, and supplies your body with the vital nutrients it needs.


This artisanal skincare and wellness brand equally values the ingredients, the source, and the consumer. Most of PŪREARTH’s ingredients are wild-harvested, gathered in the Himalayas by engaging through fair trade. Their Stress Relieving Tulsi Tea has the calming benefits of Tulsi, also known as Holy Basil. The whole leaf is rich in nutrients and provides detoxifying benefits.

This delicious and soothing tea is caffeine-free to help relax and rewind the body at the end of the day. Adaptogenic teas like this one promote a proper internal balance for overall health and well-being, especially when made from pure Tulsi with no chemicals, preservatives, or additives. Add one teaspoon of the loose-leaf tea to a pot of freshly boiled water and let brew for 3-4 minutes.

Art of Pure carries all of these brands’ adaptogens products and more. They thoroughly test all of the products they offer and firmly believe in the power of natural beauty and wellness products. For your one-stop-shop for adaptogens, browse Art of Pure’s cultivated collection of adaptogenic products from brands like Sun Potion, Moon Juice, and PŪREARTH.

About Art of Pure

Art of Pure is a leading source of natural beauty and wellness products, from Rahua hair products to Moon Juice adaptogens. They check every ingredient, research production and sourcing, and validate performance with rigorous testing. Art of Pure offers high-performance brands from around the world and guarantees that every product is pure, potent, and delivers uncompromising results. They are your one-stop shop for natural beauty products and more.

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Nourish Your Post-Summer Hair with Plant-Based Products

The end of summer is in sight, and your hair might be dealing with some grim side effects of hot weather and outdoor activities. Pool chlorine, humidity, air conditioning, dryness, and a variety of other negative factors can leave your hair dry, frizzy, or damaged.
Turning to naturally-based hair products can be one of the best ways to treat and hydrate your hair post-summer. Here are a couple of ways summer can negatively affect your hair and how to rejuvenate and hydrate your hair with natural ingredients.

Split Ends

Summer dryness is one of the primary reasons for breakage and split ends. Environmental factors can be just as damaging as using heating elements, brushing wet hair, or excessive coloring and bleaching. If you decided to go a couple of shades lighter for the summer, that could have super drying effects on your hair. Nobody wants to spend the money on a gorgeous color if the texture is dry and brittle.

While regular trims are key to caring for dryness and damage, a plant-based shampoo and conditioner can strengthen and hydrate your hair daily without sulfates or parabens. It’s totally possible to have the color you want while keeping your hair healthy.

Preventing damage before it happens is the best way to care for hair that is prone to split ends and brittle dryness. Ungurahua oil, found in Rahua shampoos and conditioners, strengthens and fortifies dry strands and split ends. It also helps regenerate the scalp and hair follicles to encourage growth. Coconut and shea butter cleanse your hair without sulfates and moisturize without unnecessary weight.

Frizz and Flyaways

If you live in an area with extreme summer humidity, dealing with frizzy hair and flyaways can be frustrating—especially if you don’t want to use heating elements like curling irons or straighteners. On the flip side, damage from heat or coloring can often exacerbate frizz or flyaways. And if you’re poolside every weekend, chlorine buildup can be dangerously drying.

Weightless hydration is your go-to solution for nourishing frizzy and unpredictable hair. Start your post-shower routine with a cream-based leave-in conditioner. Look for ingredients like green tea, raspberry leaf, and quinoa. Green tea and raspberry leaf provide antioxidant protection and repair the outer cuticle of each strand. Quinoa hydrates hair by locking in the moisture from your shampoo and conditioner.

This hydration gives frizzy hair the moisture it craves to dry more like its natural texture. Whether your hair is curly, wavy, or straight, natural ingredients with potent hydration can treat and nourish hair without losing volume or the texture you love.

If you’re looking for all-natural hair products with high-performance results, Art of Pure researches and tests all of the products they carry before offering them as part of their collections. They love the Rahua hair care brand because of its weightless hydration and vegan formula, which includes Ungurahua oil sourced through fair trade partnerships with Amazonian indigenous tribes. Cleanse, hydrate, and nourish post-summer hair with a nutrient-rich hair care routine.

About Art of Pure

Art of Pure is a leading source of all-natural beauty and wellness products, from skincare to adaptogens. They check every ingredient, research production and sourcing, and validate performance with rigorous testing. Art of Pure offers high-performance brands from around the world and guarantees that every product is pure, potent, and delivers uncompromising results.

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